Submit accounting material

A key component in efficient accounting is to have an efficient flow of information. Optimally, the material arrive to us electronically and/or it arrives to us by having us as your invoice address.

By using power of attorneys we can access bank- and taxinformation without you having to send the information to us.

Information about assigning power of attorneys is found in the links below.

Material to submit

What material we need is described here.

When to submit

You can either submit material as soon as you get it. In that we can keep the accounting updated on an agreed interval.

Another option is to collect all material for an agreed period and send it in a batch. Normally this period follows the tax return intervals. If you have to submit VAT-returns monthly, we need monthly material. We need the monthly material at latest one month after the period to be accounted passed.

Ways of submitting material

Directly into the accounting system

Our most widely used accounting system for our clients is an online system called Fortnox. This system has different channels that can be used to directly submit accounting material into the system. Let us know if you’d like to use this option.

Upload batch

If you have collected all material in a zip file or similiar, use our upload form to send the material (if it’s too big to send by email).


As soon as you have a regular flow of material by e-mail you’ll get your own designated e-mail address to send material to.

This e-mail address works as a working-queue where we process the incoming material as it comes in.

If you receive vendor invoices by e-mail, you can ask your vendors to send the invoices directly to this address. In that case, you’ll be able to see and approve the invoices using our approval system.


You can visit our office and leave the material physically. Our location is found here.

If you leave material outside our opening hours, you can leave the material in our mailbox. Thick envelopes fit in the mailbox. Binders won’t fit.

Send by regular mail

You can send the material by the regular mail. In our experience the material sent my mail arrives in one or a few days.

Our address is found here.

Send as a package

If you want to be absolutely certain that the material arrives or if you have more material than fits in a thick envelope, you can send the material by a delivery company.

Some commonly used delivery companies are PostNord, Schenker, DHL or UPS.

Our address is found here.

Note! When you send packages, make sure they are delivered to our office address. If you send packages that must be collected somewhere else, we’ll charge for the time it takes us to pickup the package.