Power of attorney for taxes

We can act as your proxy to Skatteverket. This is called “deklarationsombud”.

If we are proxy we can

  • Keep an eye on your tax return dates. We’ll get information from Skatteverket about what returns are due and when.
  • Keep an eye on your tax account (Skattekonto).
  • Submit tax returns and if necessary, correct previously by us submitted tax returns.

When we’re proxy, we can’t however, be responsible for the tax return’s correctness as this is always the tax subject’s responsibility. Our responsibility is limited to it being correct given the information we have received in order to prepare it.

The easiest way to assign us as Deklarationsombud is via Skatteverket’s website using your mobile BankID as authentication.

Link to page to assign Deklarationsombud

If you don’t have access to mobile BankID, assignment of deklarationsombud can be done using below forms

Assignment of Deklarationsombud (PDF)
Assignment of Deklaraitonsombud (Interactive PDF-form)

Who can/should be Deklarationsombud?

The Accounting Firm Notima as a company is proxy through its employees. The proxy is always a physical person and must be specified by his/her “personnumber” (equivalent of social security number).

For us to always be able to manage our responsibility as proxy, regardless of vacation, sickness or other leave we strive to have at least 2-3 proxies per company / client. In general there’s a primary person who normally submits the tax returns, but for security we need more than one person as proxy.

When/if you’d like us to be proxy for your taxes, we’ll let you know that persons you should assign as proxies.

If you’d like to cancel a proxy, it’s easily done through Skatteverkets website here.